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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Save changes on Cancel? - V1.3

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EnvMan-1.3.zip EnvMan-source-1.3.zip


  • BT1828033 Escape to Close
    • Added Ctrl+X Shortcut on Main Form Exit File Menu
  • BT843838 Program does not check for changes on Cancel in Edit Form
    • Added checking for user changes and prompt to save it on Cancel.
  • Added Release version display in Main Form Title bar
  • Added colour change for rows with invalid value paths in Main Form
  • Minor GUI Improvements

Functionality Changes

Main Form in this release is checking if any of the variables have invalid file or directory values. Variables with invalid paths are displayed in red. The current release number of the program is displayed in the title bar and "Ctrl+X" shortcut is added to quickly close application from File menu. In Edit Form if Cancel button is clicked after any changes made to a variable. Message asking to save changes is displayed.

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