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Tuesday 17 April 2007

Windows Environment Variables Manager Home

EnvMan-1.3 Free Download

  • BT1828033 Escape to Close
    • Added Ctrl+X Shortcut on Main Form Exit File Menu
  • BT843838 Program does not check for changes on Cancel in Edit Form
    • Added checking for user changes and prompt to save it on Cancel.
  • Added Release version display in Main Form Title bar
  • Added colour change for rows with invalid value paths in Main Form
  • Minor GUI Improvements


  • Simple Interface similar to System Environment Manager in Windows Control Panel. More...
  • Create, Delete and Edit long variable and their values visually with few button clicks
  • Variable values displayed by type and missing files/folders detected. More...
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo for Editing. More...
  • Variable Import/Export. More...
  • Vista compatible. More...
  • Automatic new version update notification. (Planned)
  • Portable EnvMan. (Planned)
  • Import/Export of All System Variables. (Planned)
  • Support for different languages. (Planned)


Tips for Developers

Resolving file corruption error in settings file Versioning for EnvMan Working with generic SortedList in revers order Running Windows Environment Variables Manager on Vista Integrating PartCover with Visual Studio 2005

History of Releases and User Guides

Getting Started Guide - V1.0.0.0 Variable value types - V1.1.0.0 Interface improvements - V1.1.0.1 Fixed minimum form sizes - V1.1.0.2 Unlimited Undo/Redo - V1.1.1.0 Remember Row Position in the Grid - V1.1.2 Variable Import/Export - V1.2 Input Validation - V1.2.1 - V1.2.2 Save changes on Cancel? - V1.3

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