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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Input Validation - V1.2.1 - V1.2.2

Free Download

EnvMan-1.2.2.zip EnvMan-source-1.2.2.zip


Release 1.2.2
  • Fixed problem with Delete button on Edit Form.
  • Removed Setup project. It will be replaced by WiX setup.
Release 1.2.1
  • BT1767453 On value edit Undo Redo not recording. Fixed problems when user does not enter text into value cell.
  • BT1792173 Incorrectly detected Value type. Checking that path string is starts with ":\".
  • BT1806716 ERROR: Grid Cell accepts semi colon. Added validation DataGridView in Edit form.

Functionality Changes

I am providing Release 1.2.2 here as V1.2.1 has a bug with delete button I did not catch before posting. Release V1.2.1 has input validation added to a grid. If Variable Value contains ";" then grid will display and error mark.

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